Aleksandr Kuskov

Aleksandr Kuskov

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First Name * Aleksandr
Last Name * Kuskov
Username * AleksCG
Country * Ukraine
City Kiev
Nationality Ukrainian
Languages English


Current Position Animator;Designer;Engineer;Lighter;Modeller;Renderer;Rigger
Areas of Expertise Interior DesignLandscape DesignLighting DesignPost ProductionVisualisationillustration
Preferred Tools MAYAPhotoshopArchitectural VisualisationAfter EffectsArt DirectionCharactersConcept artLightingIllustrationMental RayModelingRiggingRenderingTexturing


Availability: Freelance
Skype aleks_cg


Reality has too many restrictions, but fantasy is boundless.

We are ready to start making your fantasies, where anything is possible, come true.

Our company specializes on smooth integration of computer graphics elements into filmed material, using the latest technologies. 3D computer animation, animated video clips for television, 3D graphics for computer games, 3D graphics for scientific purposes, creating models, compositing, colour correction and creating photorealistic virtual environment. And it is only a modest part of tasks our specialists are able to accomplish. We have reached perfection in creating emotional and intriguing videos with a promo message, which prompts viewers to buy the advertised products.
Our company guaranties realization of art project in time, on high professional level and optimal prices. We pay much attention to strict management and quality control. We are aiming to reach the top level of mastery in the creative art of 3D graphics and animation and make works, which attract public interest and evoke emotions. We consider our experienced and talented specialists of 3D graphics our main advantage. Among these specialists there are artists, 3D modelers, texture artists and animators.

We are open to cooperation in the field of creation of visual effects for advertisement, music videos, movies and 3d games.
Our studio is an efficient instrument of turning an ordinary promo video into a masterpiece. Your product is going to stand out above its competitors. And it is going to show up on TV and attract consumers due to its uniqueness and individual features.


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